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22nd Annual
National Landlord Convention

CREATE Your Future Success!

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LANDLORD CONVENTION 2023-Call 1-800-950-2250 to register

CREATE Your Future Success!

I’m offering you the opportunity to take huge steps toward creating greater future success for you and your family with your rental property. Whether you own one rental or 100, here is your opportunity to join myself, ten top real estate instructors and a couple of hundred successful rental property owners in a one-of-a-kind national event, plus save $100 as your last chance to get the early bird price for our upcoming Landlord Convention taking place in Columbus, OH, June 1-3, 2023 at the Columbus Airport Marriott. Most importantly, we want to help you CREATE your future success. Here’s what I mean by that.  

I’ve heard from landlords a lot lately who say they are having trouble filling vacancies fast with “qualified” residents.

Those landlords are hoping the quality of the “tenant pool” gets better and waiting for more qualified applicants to magically start calling.

My challenge to landlords is to stop doing like the average rental owner who just hopes and waits for qualified applicants to appear! Instead CREATE your own pools of qualified applicants which will have all the qualified applicants you need and who are willing to pay you top market rent (or more). 

I  challenge landlords to stop hoping your current residents pay the rent and take care of your properties before they eventually flake out on you (as most average tenants do). However most rental owners do not know how to CREATE good residents out of average marginal residents. And yes, it can be done, and we will share how you can do it.

I also challenge landlords to not just hope that economic conditions continue to allow you to raise the rent (because that trend is already reversing). However, you can CREATE greater cash flow anytime you want by effectively implementing certain proven cash flow strategies being done by other successful landlords.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Landlords and real estate investors reading this, my message to you is, Stop just hoping and waiting for things to get better: Let’s learn strategies to CREATE your future success in multiple real estate areas, including the following:

Stop hoping and waiting for good real estate deals to be listed. Discover how you can stop being dependent on MLS and auctions. CREATE your own steady flow of “off-market” properties to buy.

Stop hoping and waiting that your retirement income, current financing structures and your current tax preparer will be bring you maximum returns. CREATE a retirement, financing, estate and tax plan that will insure a more significant financial future.

If you are now ready to create your future success, this year’s Landlord Convention is for you. I invite you to join other like-minded landlords at this year’s Landlord Convention. The theme of this year’s event is:

CREATE Your Future Success!

Come and let this year’s Convention give you the inspiration, instruction and tools to do it now. Reserve your seat now.

Don’t hope, don’t wait, implement strategies that will increase the odds that success will turn out they way you want. 

I’m inviting top national real estate instructors to share the specific strategies they have implemented and still do to CREATE their success. As many of you know, the events I put on are not theoretical exercises with a bunch of people just mouthing stories and words. I’m totally action oriented and the Conventions we put on emphasize, practical, action-oriented strategies that will significantly improve your bottom line, add to your family’s security and future success.

The entire focus of the Convention will be to help you and I implement those things that can help you create greater future success (that will affect your net income, peace of mind, family security and quality of life). Both you and I know that what you create now can have a BIG impact on your wealth, for your entire family and for generations to come. 

Seating is limited and like last year, will sell out. Join up to 200 landlords who are serious and ready to create greater future success. The Convention will be held this year in Columbus, OH, a city where many of our website visitors and subscribers can even drive to if they so wish. The dates this year will be June 1, 2 and 3, 2023 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday). 

The ideas and the connections at our Conventions over the years have literally changed the rental businesses and lives of thousands of landlords. As always, we will have some awesome national landlording instructors.  In addition, the exchange of ideas and input from other landlord attendees on how they are creating their future success, can make a HUGE difference in all of our businesses moving forward. For both small and large rental property owners, there is no other interactive National Landlord Convention which compares, where the participants mastermind together to help each other succeed. Come learn what you can do now to create greater future success and discover what is working for other successful landlords in our one-of-a-kind evening round table sessions. I invite you to take part this year with like minded landlords Join us in Columbus, OH where iron will once again sharpen iron! The Columbus Airport Marriott will be the host hotel. Call 1-800-950-2250 to register.

I’m sure there are still a few of you who prefer that we consider doing a virtual Convention so that more people could attend. However, many who have been to a previous MrLandlord event, know that the huge value is NOT about simply having presentations. You already can see landlord or real estate presentations online all day long. You don’t need a live event for that. What makes the MrLandlord Convention unique and different than any other is because it includes interactive sessions where participants exchange ideas and experiences to lift each other to a higher level. The huge value of the MrLandlord events is discovered and played out in this live interaction of the participants, and my ability to bring out some of the best ideas from landlords nationwide. This live interaction can not be replicated if participants are not “in the room” and merely viewing live stream or zoom. Therefore a virtual Convention will not be an option.

The Early Bird price of the Convention is $299 for primary attendees (save $100) and $199 for guests. When you call, please let us know if you have come to a previous Convention of if you are a current paid subscriber, Gold or Platinum Member. If so, you qualify for up to 20% discount off the early bird primary rate. To register, call our office now, because I’m looking to hear from you right away. You can also reserve your seat online, click now. Call now 1-800-950-2250. 

I look forward to hearing from you today and you joining us in the room in June!

CREATE Your Future Success!


Helping landlords who are seriously ready to create greater future success and who want to  also connect and learn from other successful landlords from across the country.


P.S. If you or your company have a service or product that can benefit landlords and help them create future success, email me and let me know that you would like to be a sponsor or vendor for this big event.

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