Congratulations on the landlording and real estate success that you have achieved up to this point, Our 2020 Landlord Convention will help you multiply your success even further! Here’s how. Many of you, including  hundreds of landlords I often hear from, experience success that does not stay constant. The success often has big ups and downs. Most landlords think this is normal and to be expected. And because of that, it prevents landlords (and possibly you) from achieving double, triple, 5 or even 10 times more success than you are currently experiencing. The truth is that your success can both increase and stay at maximum levels with very few slow periods, if you know effective strategies to implement in various aspects of your rental property and investing business.
The theme and focus of this year’s Convention will be all about sharing best practices to increase and keep your success flowing continually and at maximum levels. This Convention and the superb instructors that will be invited to our 2020 Convention will teach how to keep your:

  • Cash Flow Flowing
  • Marketing Flowing
  • Applicants Flowing
  • Maintenance Flowing
  • Financing Flowing
  • Property Acquisitions Flowing
  • And Profits Flowing!

Join us May 28 -30, 2020 and together let’s come together to learn and exchange ideas to both increase and keep your success flowing continually throughout the year at maximum levels you didn’t think possible!

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