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19th Annual


National Convention in Nashville, TN.


May 28, 29, & 30 2020

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As I speak to thousands of real estate investors nationwide each year, I hear many of the same stories of frustrations and challenges from rental owners in both small and large towns coast to coast. For most landlords, it’s normal to expect Cash Flow to be interrupted by vacancies, non-payments, maintenance issues, lack of good help, problem residents and more! These things do NOT have to slow your cash flow!
The goal of this Convention is to share numerous ways to
KEEP THE INCOME FLOWING (even with those challenges)!
Join us and learn how.


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After landlording for over 35 years, I’m convinced now more than ever, that the real problem landlords face is not lack of cash flow or that they have too many problems or challenges. With the nature of the rental property business, you WILL have continual challenges. We all do! The real reason most landlords are forced to give up is because they fail to learn enough ideas (proven, creative and innovative) to handle the many challenges they encounter.
If you implement effective strategies and best practices, your success can STAY at maximum levels with very few slow periods. That is why the goal of this year’s Convention is to KEEP YOUR SUCCESS FLOWING! And I invite (better yet, dare or challenge) you to come get more ideas in various key aspects of rental property and real estate investing. Join myself along with hundreds of other landlords as we get more ideas from each other and some of the top real estate instructors in their areas of expertise.
My name is Jeffrey Taylor, founder of I’m your friend and I promise you that I will do everything within my ability to make sure that during this information packed, 3 day marathon, you will receive tons of  best practices, plus the inspiration to implement many of the ideas so that you come out a winner in the end with more cash flow, profits and freedom!

Come learn game-changing insights, tools and strategies to take your success and cash flow to new levels. Join myself and hundreds of rental property owners this May in Nashville. Many landlords want more cash flow! Problem is that they are continuing to limit themselves in what they know to do. Yet, hundreds of landlords nationwide have discovered a multitude of ideas of what to do and NOT do which will generate the greatest profits.

Are you tired of hanging around landlords (or worse yet, friends or co-workers who do not have a clue) who are continually talking about all they do, yet they are still at the same success level they have been at for years. instead of looking for NEW ways to do things, they continue to do things the same way they have always done (that’s insane).

I invite you to join me and begin to KEEP IT FLOWING for three full days at the upcoming Annual National Convention, May 28-30, 2020. Click now to register.

Do Not Limit Yourself!

If you limit yourself to only doing your current investing and landlording strategies, you put limits on your success.. Instead, take time every so often to EXPOSE yourself to different strategies BEYOND what you are already familiar with. By doing so, and being willing to make changes, you open your world to possibilities that you may have previously never THOUGHT possible in various aspects of real estate investing. >That is indeed the purpose behind the Convention. And this year, I’m committed to inviting instructors and mentors who have TONS of REAL WORLD experience to share strategies and ideas that can open your mind to possibilities and ideas that can add to your cash flow and net worth that you may have never THOUGHT possible.

In addition, what really sets our Landlord Convention apart from others is that we attract some of the most successful “real deal” landlords in the country who freely share from their wealth of experiences. There is a well-known (and anonymous) quote that goes, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” If you are not often surrounding yourself with investors and landlords as smart or smarter than you, come join us. Because I will be constantly encouraging all in the room to exchange “your smartest and most successful strategies” throughout the entire event, at our special VIP Luncheons, evening round table brainstorming sessions and even interjected during the day as I serve as host of the event. You may ask, why not simply get together and share ideas with successful landlords in your local area. Why is it necessary to travel out of town?

I’ll tell you why. Honestly, I’m not as quick (and neither are most other landlords) to share all my “best” ideas on filling vacancies, resident retention, increasing cash flow, finding and buying more rentals with other landlords in my same area, because sometimes we are often competing for the same quality residents or bargain properties. I’m much more free to share my success secrets with landlords who are in a whole different city or state who are in no way my competitors. Change your environment for 3 days and join me in a non-competitive “Keep it Flowing” Convention in Nashville, TN, May 28-30 2020.


Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention. You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.


You’re invited to join us for our 19th Annual Convention will take place May 28, 29, 30, 2020 in Nashville, TN. This event will be well worth making plans in your schedule to attend. If you want to merely complain about how making profits from real estate and rental properties is getting tough, stop reading now, because our convention is not for those who are not ready to make changes. Our convention is for landlords and real estate investors who want to learn more and who are looking to discover and take advantage of effective and successful investing and management methods that are being implemented by other successful rental owners and investors in the middle of economic challenges. You can make excuses or you can make money, but as the saying goes, you can’t make both. If you are ready to make changes in your rental business, we invite you to join us in Nashville, TN in May. This will be an event with tons of profit-building information you do not want to miss! Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention. You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.

3 Days, Each Day – Seminars and Workshops!

The first day begins at 9am and concludes at 6pm. The next two days start early at 8:00 am and goes all day. Saturday concludes at 4pm. Evening round tables discussions will also allow for bonus brainstorming sessions. From the first day with an opening training session with Jeffrey Taylor to the last day, this Convention will be an experience you don’t want to miss.

There will also be informal roundtable discussions to give even more opportunity for landlords to learn insights. This will be a totally unique opportunity to meet many of the landlords nationwide including some of those who share daily on our Q&A Forum. That is just one BIG reason that makes this convention different than just any other conference.

Great lasting friendships have been developed by many of us who have met at prior conferences and cruises. I’d encourage you to join us. What other opportunity would allow you to meet the faces behind the names/postings of so many who offer so much advice on a daily basis. As you can see, we are looking forward to an awesome time and a reunion of many friends (old and new). We hope you make plans now to join us for our upcoming National Convention, including the seminars and networking with landlords nationwide exchanging landlording secrets and success strategies.

We have asked several experienced landlords and managers who’ve had success with all types of rental properties to participate in a round table discussion, to share of their absolute best cash flow strategies and of their most costly mistakes and not hold back any punches. This will be one of the most insightful sessions of the entire convention.

Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention.
You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.

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