Convention Bonuses

Early Bird Registration for the First 100 is Only $199 which entitles you to Take-Home Cash Flow Bonus Resources ($100 value). So register early, plus save $100.* 

*Please note: The early bird $100 discount and the bonus “take home” resource collection is for the first 100 Primary attendees who register .


We have discovered that attendees to our Conventions learn a LOT and go back excited and ready to implement the many strategies they learn. We have also discovered that if they have the support of additional persons on their success “team” or even another supportive colleague or couple in their area that also provides added support toward greater success.

This year, we’re offering something we’ve only offered a couple of times before. We want as many landlords and real estate investors to benefit from the huge training that will be offered at this year’s Convention. We also know that a lot of financial budgets have been tightened. This year we are letting attendees bring a THIRD and FOURTH person for free as long as seats are still available.  The third person can be a son, daughter or another relative that is part of your real estate team (indeed make it a family trip/mini-vacation), or the additional persons could be a property manager or other members of your management team.

It could even be another landlording couple in your area who are friends and like you, they are working hard to “stop the bleeding” in their rental business and instead generate greater profits from their properties. Invite them to come to the National Landlord’s Convention free as your guests! And when you get back to your local town after the Convention, continue to challenge and support each other to take your success with rental properties to a whole new level.

To take advantage of this special offer to have a third or fourth person attend our upcoming convention for free, their must already be two persons signed up in your party to attend. Simply call our offices directly, 757-436-2606 and give us the names of the first two people registered (or will be registering), and then give us the names of a third and fourth person who will be coming free as YOUR guests. We receive many calls into our office during the day, so if you get an automated voice mail, simply leave your name and phone number and we will be glad to get back to you to get the information.

Jeffrey will be teaching and moderating unique management brainstorming sessions to allow for even more focus on “Landlording” training. (If you’ve never heard Jeffrey, you have got to attend – there is no other landlording educator like him – and your perspective on landlording we’ll never be the same again). He really wants to help you turn your “Cash Flow” and management success!

In addition, we will have national instructors and some of the top contributors from our website will be joining us.  We have asked several experienced landlords and property managers to teach and share of their real world success experiences in workshops, informal Q &A sessions, and panel discussions that are scheduled over the three days.

Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention.
You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.

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