Convention Schedule

(Note: Instructors, Times and Topics are Subject to Change.)

Wednesday May 23rd 

6pm to 7:30pm   Pre-Convention MEET & GREET –  (Special Guest John Schaub)

 Thursday  May 24th, 2017

8:00 am              Registration

8:30 am              Jeffrey TaylorWelcome – Do Less, Make MORE!

9:00 am              John Schaub – Make More with Fewer Moving Parts                                                                                                    (Buying, Managing, Selling)

12:00 noon         VIP Lunch & Networking (Bonus Interaction with John Schaub)

1:00 pm              Q & A Contributors Recognition 

1:15 pm              John Hyre – Do Less, Make More with New Tax Laws Plus More

3:00 pm              Walter Wofford  – Do Less, Make More Creating Passive Tax Free Income With Bruised Houses

4:00 pm              Mike Todd – Do Less Make More Using IRAs

4:30 pm              Al Williamson –  Do Less Make More with Short Term Rentals

                           Dinner Break

8:00 pm              Roundtables

Friday       May 25th, 2017

7:30 am              Coffee and Networking with Sponsors

8:00 am              Jeffrey Taylor – Do Less, But Do Something Significant!

9:00 am              Brad Grayson –  Less Stress, More Profit with Comprehensive Lease & Procedures

10:30                  Walter Wofford – Do Less, Make More – Ways to Retire Your Rental Portfolio Through Impact Investing

11:30                  Kimberly Smith – Do Less, Make More with Furnished Monthly Rentals

12:00 noon         VIP Lunch & Networking (Bonus Interaction with Guest Instructor)

1:00 pm              Steven Vancauwenbergh – Do Less Make More with Technology & Virtual Assistants

2:45 pm              Shawn Woedl – Do Less, Save More with a Master Policy

3:30 pm              Panel of Experienced investors & Landlords on Doing Less and Making More

4:30 pm              The Wolff Couple – Do Less, Say More, Make MORE

                           Dinner Break

7:30                     Bonus Session – Ron LeGrand 

8:30 pm              Roundtables

Saturday   May 26th, 2017

7:30 am               Coffee and Networking with Sponsors          

7:45 am               Jeffrey Taylor – Q&A with Founder,

8:15 am               Ron LeGrand – The Less I Do, the More I Make!

12:00 noon          VIP Lunch & Networking (Bonus Interaction with Guest Instuctor)

1:00 pm                Ron LeGrand – Final Challenge!

2:00 pm               Recognition & Landlord Resort Giveaway

2:30 pm               Jeffrey Taylor – Make More by Playing Less Defense, More Offense

4:30 pm               Conclusion and Convention Bonus Giveaways

As noted above, in addition to the above workshops, we will have evening roundtable discussions. For many, these interactions and brainstorming sessions are the most rewarding. (See pictures of previous roundtables in action.) Below are some of the “don’t miss” informative and interactive Roundtable Discussions that may be taking place in the evening hours:

                  • Buying, Managing, Selling w/ Fewer Parts
                  • Double & Triple Income from Rentals
                  • New Tax Laws
                  • Less Hassle Pre-Screening & Showing
                  • Canned Responses to Applicants
                  • Vital Clauses to Include in Your Lease
                  • Quicker Turnover Between Residents
                  • Technology for Real Estate investors
                  • Offering Corporate Monthly Rentals
                  • Converting Residents to Buyers
                  • Negotiation Strategies with Sellers
                  • IRAs to Grow Wealth
                  • Utilizing Trusts
                  • Buying Low Income Property with IRA
                  • Buying High End Property Without Banks
                  • Financing Options
                  • Short Term Rentals
                  • Managing in C Class Rental Areas
                  • Rental Property Insurance Issues
                  • What New Landlords Need to Know
                  • Maintenance Tricks of the Trade
                  • “Roy” Deals
                  • Fair Housing
                  • Using Virtual Assistants
                  • Ways to Save Big on Locks & Supplies
                  • Property Management Software
                  • Getting Inexpensive Legal Assistance
                  • How to Go Big – Growing Rental Empire

Please note: If you are actually attending the Convention, PLEASE email Jeffrey your suggestion for what topics “you” would like addressed during our special evening round table brainstorming and Q&A exchange sessions. Email

Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention if you have not yet done so.

You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.


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