Convention Schedule

(Note: Instructors, Times and Topics are Subject to Change.)

Thursday  June 10th, 2021

8:00 am              Registration

8:30 am              Jeffrey TaylorNew Day for Landlords!

9:00 am              IRA Innovations – Growing Wealth With Real Estate & IRAs

9:15 am               David Tilney – “If Rental Income is Passive Why isn’t Your Landlord Activity?
10:45 am             Brad Grayson – Landlording After Covid

12:00 noon         VIP Luncheon & Networking

1:00 pm              Investors Capital Group – Explode Your Wealth by Accessing Your Precious Equity

1:30 pm              Josh Kahane – Legally Fighting the Moratoriums

2:45 pm              Andy Sommer – Automate Your Systems

3:15 pm              Wendy Harvey – Turning the Tables on Turnovers

4:15 pm              George Antone – Hacking the Game of Finance!

6:00                    Dinner Break

8:00 pm             Landlording/Investing Brainstorming & Exchange Sessions

Friday       June 11th, 2021

7:30 am              Coffee and Networking with Sponsors

8:00 am              Jeffrey Taylor – Stay Focused and Still Get Paid!

8:30 am              NREIG – What Landlords Need to Know About Insurance

8:45 am              David Tilney – Screening Applicants Who Become Great Stewards

10:30 am            Chad Harris – Raising Money with Private Lenders

12:00 noon         VIP Luncheon & Networking

1:00 pm              Investors Capital Group – Insider’s Secrets to Fund Every Deal

1:30 pm              Mike Butler – 107 Proven “Rapid Fire” Tips in Our New Normal

2:45 pm              Dave Rosenberger – Repairs & Renovation 

4:00 pm              Bill Noll – Tax Savings Strategies

6:00                    Dinner Break

8:00 pm             Landlording/Investing Brainstorming & Exchange Sessions

Saturday   June 12th, 2021

7:30 am               Coffee and Networking with Sponsors          

7:45 am              Jeffrey Taylor – Steps to Effectively Recruiting Qualified Applicants

8:15 am               Mike Butler – Consistently Get Paid Over 100% of Your Rents Every Month – even during Covid

10:00 am            David Tilney – “Can’t Buy Rentals in a Seller’s Market? Consider Renting

1:00 pm              Special Recognition

2:00 pm              Patti Robertson – Using HUDs rules to YOUR advantage

3:15 pm               Jeffrey Taylor – Landlording Challenges Increased My Cash Flow!

5:00 pm               Official Conclusion

As noted above, in addition to the above workshops, we will have evening brainstorming wide-open exchange sessions. For many, these interactions and brainstorming sessions are the most rewarding of the entire event..

Please note: If you are actually attending the Convention, PLEASE email Jeffrey your suggestion for what topics “you” would like addressed during our special evening brainstorming and xchange sessions. Email

Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention if you have not yet done so.

You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.

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