Convention Instructors

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Jeffrey Taylor


Founder of, and the nation’s #1 landlording coach for mom and pop rental property owners  Jeffrey has authored several bestselling landlording books and is the senior editor of the Mr Landlord newsletter, celebrating 36 years of serving rental owners. Jeffrey teaches the kind of action-oriented, practical, innovative information that greatly enables rental owners and managers to increase their cash flow and build an effective rental business that lasts and enables you to have more freedom! He serves as co-host of the conference, and will share numerous suggested changes to your management strategies that will enable you succeed and grow stronger as a rental property owner in the new normal of growing landlord restrictions and regulations. 

He will be at your service non-stop as he hosts, teaches and serves as moderator throughout 3 days. If you have not heard Jeffrey, click to see comments of those who have.  During the convention, he will also lead landlording and brainstorming sessions which is where interactive learning takes place as attendees share proven ideas from their wealth of experiences. This is one of the biggest benefits of these conventions, the opportunity to brainstorm with other landlords and property managers. Attendees and successful rental owners from across the country share management insights and key management strategies during the special brainstorming sessions that are invaluable.


Josh is a “Bet the Company” trial attorney who has successfully litigated on behalf of landlords, property management firms and operators in a broad range of complex commercial disputes in courts throughout the United States. As a lawyer, Josh’s commitment and skill in the courtroom has garnered him too many accolades to list—among them, Best of the Bar, Best Lawyer in America, Super Lawyer, Top 100 Trial Lawyer, and Top 100 High Stakes Litigator, in just 2020 alone!  He has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Money, and Bloomberg Business Week, as well as legal publications published by the bars of no fewer than eight states.

In a time of unparalleled challenges facing the country, and as government regulation threatens a collapse of the residential real estate market, Josh took on the U.S. Government in a landmark case to vindicate the rights of the real estate industry infringed upon by the CDC’s Halt Order on residential evictions.  He did so with the kind of intellect, determination, and passion befitting a man who has moved unmovable mountains.

More than anything, Josh is a man whose deep-seated sense of ethics, fairness, and unwavering dedication to his clients no longer allowed him to stand as a silent witness to what he deems as an unconstitutional and dangerous precedent threatening the livelihood of an industry beset by the rage of COVID-19. And when I invited Josh to our Convention to share with landlords what he has been able to do, he did not hesitate. And most importantly, he will also share what we can do in our towns across the US to fight for our property rights.

David Tilney


David is one of the absolute top landlording instructors in the country. This is indeed one of those unique opportunities to learn from one of the all-time bests.  He started buying houses in 1978. David fully understands that the key to long term success was, and still is, good management. David has spent nearly 40 years learning property management from the most knowledgeable managers he could find. David will share his secrets of success for the mom and pop single-family investor, and will help you implement them yourself.

He will give Convention attendees specific training to make your operation more efficient. He will teach: 

  • What factors are now most important when screening rental applicants
  • Dealing with both applicants and residents (and vendors) virtually
  • Master leasing as a way to increase cash flow and acquire real estate 

David’s training will enable you to reduce stress, increase cash flow and find more time for other pursuits. His  management philosophy has always been to treat his residents the way they would like to be treated, while maintaining strong controls to assure maximum profitability with a minimum of hassles. He continues to manage his own rental portfolio, as well as “master lease” single family homes of other owners and investors.

He collects ALL his rents prior to the first of each month and he has experienced only one eviction in his entire management history. Most of his residents rent for multiple years, including as long as 18 years and 25 years.  Using a hassle free  system, he has properties in two states and he is able to manage his Colorado properties “long distance” from Florida or wherever he happens to be.  His management procedures will enable you to streamline day-to-day operations to maximize the bottom line.


Mike Butler is definitely a landlord and instructor who knows how to figure out and teach ways to overcome challenges. He began his real estate investing career while working his full time job as an undercover police detective in Louisville, KY. Mike Butler began buying fixer uppers and renting them to make extra money vs. working “off duty” moon light jobs like many of his fellow police officers. Mike discovered very quickly how powerful investing in real estate could be for his family and exploded his real estate business by buying an average of 2.5 rental properties every week while working his full time job! Mike did this for several years over and over WITHOUT using any banks  and he started with less than $1,000. Mike Butler is a multi-term past president of KREIA a charter member of the local chapter of NARPM, served three years on the board of the National Real Estate Investors Association.

Mike has also learned how to automate his management system. Mike Butler knew he must have a brain dead simple system for his booming business and developed his amazing Landlording on AutoPilot System. His unique and proven system allowed Mike to safely catapult wealth for his family by investing in real estate. Now Mike Butler works when he wants to – as a Dad, a hubby, an investor, speaker, author, coach and trainer. Mike’s investing success has been featured in Money magazine, The Wall Street Journal Radio network and numerous radio shows. His Landlording on Auto-Pilot system has become one of the top “go-to” training references for thousands of landlords and property managers. Mike Butler enjoys training millionaires and future millionaires and he will be one of our featured instructors at this year’s National Landlord Convention.

William R. Noll


Bill is a lawyer and CPA currently working at Noll & Company CPAs and he operates a separate law practice focused on tax compliance and tax-related litigation. Noll & Company is a CPA firm based out of Pennsylvania and founded by his father.  Since 2004, Bill has focused his practice on tax consulting, tax compliance and complex tax litigation. Bill has a wealth of experience before the IRS at both the examination and the appeal level. He is also admitted to practice in the United States Tax Court.

Al Aiello had a long affiliation with and Bill’s firm.  Al and Bill’s father spoke at seminars to investors throughout the country beginning in the early 1980’s.  The Noll firm has utilized all of the strategies taught by Al Aiello since the tax code was re-written in 1986.   Bill began working with and speaking at seminars with Al.  Bill has been a co-author with Al of several publications and courses which he has gone on to update during the past several years. Bill has agreed to continue Al Aiello’s legacy of teaching tax strategies for the benefit of real estate investors, people seeking a better understanding of the Internal Revenue Code and who are looking to save tens of thousands of dollars with their rental property through the use of properly implemented tax-saving  strategies. Bill even offers his new clients the opportunity for a review of their most recent tax return which has produced a huge windfall for many landlords. We look forward to having Bill share at this year’s Convention, some of the best tax-saving strategies for real estate investors along with insights of how changes with the new administration may affect your tax planning.

George Antone


George loves to find shortcuts in the financial system that can have a big impact on your financial future. There’s an incredible life out here to live, and yes that is still the case. However, the financial system is setup to work AGAINST us, resulting in us being slaves to the system. These are hard words to use, but George believes those words are true. So his passion is to hack the game of finance to make it work FOR us and in the process, share how he does so with the world. His goal is that you are free to live life to the fullest.

George has invested in residential and commercial real estate since 2001 and private lending since 2003. He has worked on the world’s most popular personal finance software (Quicken by Intuit) between 1997 through 2000, is the founder of the largest network of private lenders in the country since 2011, and has been invited to speak nationwide among other things, but honestly, it’s all meaningless to him! What’s important is that he is able to share with you his passion of making a difference in the world of finance, especially in today’s economy. Here is just a little of what George will share at our Convention:

  • How you can get money at 0% interest and use it to earn 6-8% interest
  • How to boost your monthly cash flow without actually earning more
  • Why debt, structured right, helps you beat inflation and grow wealth faster
Brad Grayson


Brad has been landlording for over 35 years. He is President of his local Landlord Association. He is one of the most successful landlords in the country, and a top mentor and contributor on the Q&A Forum. When this year’s first quarter tax estimates were due, Brad’s figures were so high, the tax preparer called him to double check “This is much higher than last year. Is this correct, even after all the great deductions you get thru real estate?” The first quarter alone, Brad paid more INCOME taxes than he used to make in an entire year on his “good paying” job. How was he able to do it? He stayed on top of late payers, got his people to the aid agencies, creatively removed some moratorium squatting deadbeats, and followed thru with his lease’s automatic rent increases. Brad will teach much more about what’s included in his lease that helps him MANAGE his rental business and significantly increase his cash flow in the middle of the current environment.

Chad Harris


Chad Harris has been a full-time real estate investor since 2013. After learning to raise money for ministry in Kenya, he applied that system to raise money from private lenders for real estate. He has built his portfolio of rentals without using any bank loans and has built a management system to oversee it. He is a teacher at heart and loves sharing information and helping others learn how to invest in real estate and build their dream business.
At our Convention, Chad will be teaching specific steps for raising money from private lenders, including how to find them, make the presentation, and structure deals to suit your business goals. He will also teach actionable steps that will put you in position to be able to take advantage of the growing opportunity of buying properties from overwhelmed and uneducated landlords who are starting to give up on the idea of holding rental property and/or being forced to sell their properties.

Patti Robertson


Patti started building her rental portfolio in 2007 and has owned a property management brokerage for 11 years. She founded and runs the landlord association in her market, is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers and a franchisee of Property Management Inc. The goal of every landlord is to establish the longest run of uninterrupted rent payments possible, which has become a challenge with eviction moratoriums in place and tenant advocacy groups pushing the rules in tenant’s favor. With over 1000 SEC 8 leases under her belt and 110 currently, Patti will teach us how we can use HUDs rules to OUR advantage, hold tenants accountable for their financial and non-financial lease obligations, and essentially get rent payment insurance by utilizing the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program.

Sara and Andy Sommer


Is listing your vacancies, screening applicants and operating your rentals taking all of your time and energy? Andy and Sara Sommer fully understand that scenario. They get it. They’ve been there. It’s time to start working on your business instead of in it. Learn how to automate and streamline your systems with forms and funnels to maximize your time and resources. Andy and Sara Sommer (Mr. Landlord Convention attendees since 2011) are true mom and pop landlords that don’t work full time but still operate their properties like a business that generate “full time” profits. Andy will teach you what they do to automate and streamline their rental operation for peace of mind.


Wendy and her husband Glenn have owned and managed rentals in North Carolina for many years. Wendy is respectfully known on our Q&A Forum as the Queen of Quick Turnovers. In April, she celebrated the fact that all rents are in for the current month and she was less than $10 shy of surpassing a new milestone in rent collections. She is up $3,000 per month from same time last year with no rentals added. All from basic $25 rent increases on existing tenants to a few turnovers which hiked total rent. Had two turnovers and rent has gone up $300 on one (tenant was there 4 years) and $200 on the other…no one is batting an eye. When residents move out of their properties, it is “normal” for the place to be left in move-in condition. And she is usually able to move the next residents in within 24 hours. She will be teaching during the Convention the steps she does with the vacating residents which leads to this quick turnovers.

Dave Rosenberger


Dave has been a landlord for 13 years. He is also a professional handyman, and was a licensed home inspector for 7 years. Dave’s increases his net rental income by taking into account the total cost of ownership and how quality repairs plays a major role. Dave likes to stress to landlords how we need to focus on the cost over the entire ownership timeline rather than just the “sticker” price on an item, repair or upgrade up front. Too many landlords simply look at the up front cost of a job or item rather than how spending more up front can save them a tremendous amount of time and money long into the future. Dave often saw the impact of these decisions as a home inspector, as the low-quality repairs often resulted in dangerous situations or increased costs in other areas. During these times when landlords may have less regular contact with residents, it is more vital than ever to handle repairs most effectively. Dave will teach several practical examples of how doing quality repairs and updates/renovation will allow your properties to have far less repair issues, therefore less intervention needed by landlords, resulting in greater overall rental profits and freedom.

4 Responses to “”

  1. Mike Butler Says:

    Back in the early 90’s, I grabbed my very first issue of Jeffrey’s newsletter at my local reia meeting. WOW! Every issue was 3 hole punched and put in my MrLandlord binder and used for reference. Every meeting I targeted getting my hands on your latest newsletter. Thank you Jeffrey for building my landlording library. Now I have a whole shelf full of your newsletters! and your cruises are wonderful! – Mike Butler

  2. William Kent Taylor Says:

    What a lineup of speakers, I think this conference is getting better and better. I have been to about 5 of them and think this might the strongest group ever. I have been in this business since 1981 and know I will benefit from this conference. Can’t wait to start absorbing information on how to make my full time business better and better.
    Bill Taylor

  3. Brandon Rice Says:


  4. Caron Leon-woods Says:

    I’m overwhelmed by the number of speakers and caliber of speakers and more so of all the speakers there’s only 2 which I’ve never heard. I’ve been attending Mr. Landlord retreats and conventions for over 8 yrs and its been remarkable to see the variety speakers and relevancy to the economic times. Its more than I could ever expect or even imagine from any other conferences. Your events are one stop shop for all a landlord needs. The networking is just next to none other. I can appreciate how Mr. Landlord rewards his attendees who have shown great success in their business and have brought them in as speakers i.e. Steven Cavanaugh the technology guru and Al Williamson with Airbnb and now Chad Harris and Wendy and others. He’s also always making sure that we get our money’s worth in more ways than one. Seeing other top speakers such as Anthony Chara and others come as attendees and give of their time during the evening to host discussion tables speaks volumes as to the caliber of Mr. Landlord organization. Dot and Jeffery you definitely set the standard for all the landlords out here who are thirsty for knowledge and can come to your conventions etc and go back home with Tools that we can actually take back and revise and implement policy and procedures right away. Another very important thing you do is to give updates to those who purchased your programs in the past and that really makes a big difference. I wish that other instructors would come alongside you and do the same so as they update their programs or at least offer updates even for a fee. After saying all that when is the next live Bootcamp?

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