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Founder of, and the nation’s #1 landlording coach for mom and pop independent rental property owners  Jeffrey has authored several bestselling landlording books and is the senior editor of the Mr Landlord newsletter, celebrating 38 years of serving rental owners. Jeffrey will share numerous management principles and strategies that will enable you as a rental owner to stop just hoping things improve and CREATE your future success! He serves as co-host of the conference, and you will greatly benefit from and be challenged by his interactive, action-oriented, practical, innovative and engaging teaching style.

He will be at your service non-stop as he hosts, teaches and serves as moderator throughout 3 days. If you have not heard Jeffrey, click to see comments of those who have.  During the convention, he will also lead and facilitate landlording and brainstorming sessions which is where interactive learning takes place as attendees share proven ideas from their wealth of experiences. This is one of the biggest benefits of these conventions, the opportunity to brainstorm with other landlords and property managers. Attendees and successful rental owners from across the country share management insights and key management strategies during the special brainstorming sessions that are invaluable.



Most People Fail With Rentals Because They Can’t Get Them Managed Properly. At our upcoming Convention, Greg Slaughter will teach about how to CREATE perfect tenants. This will help you eliminate headaches and maximize profits.

He will share with you how to start take back control of your rentals! Greg was a tired landlord beyond frustrated, and just about to give up! He had gone through a couple of property management companies in less than a year. He then started managing his rentals himself and did what the industry and others had taught him to do. However, it wasn’t fun. He dreaded every time the phone rang and what he was going to have to deal with. It was taking away from his family and his spirits. He was ready to quit and just sell them all!

But he decided he wasn’t going to allow tenants to take away his and his family’s financial freedom. He had gotten rental properties so he could have the profits and freedom to enjoy life and he was not going to have bad tenants take that away from him.

“It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair and I decided I had to find a better way then what I was taught and saw by other landlords and the industry. I was determined, went to work, and found that better way!

“The first thing I discovered was that every landlord I spoke with was just as frustrated as I was. We were all getting the same results cause we were all following the same teachings that the industry taught. 

“At first I was relieved by this because I now understood I wasn’t the problem- the industry was! Every book, every video, every so called ‘Guru’ taught the same thing (and still do today). 

“If we want different results then we must do something different. That is what we did. We stopped focusing on just trying to find and hope for a Perfect Tenant but instead on how to create the Perfect Tenant. Once we did that, the results immediately changed! 

“We found that by doing different things not taught in this industry but borrowing the concepts from other industries we were able to create Perfect Tenants from the pool of tenants we already had. 

“I started the mindset of creating Perfect Tenants and incorporated it into our rental business. I went to work creating, testing, honing and tweaking systems on every aspect of owning a rental home.

“Now 20+ years later these systems have been tested, changed as needed, and proven to work for us in our business. We were able to create Perfect Tenants and eliminate almost all of our headaches while drastically increasing our profits. Today I self-manage all of our rentals and enjoy the freedom that I originally set out to acquire.”

At our upcoming Convention, he will share ideas from his powerful systems on how to CREATE the perfect tenant with you! 


Mary Hart is a retired attorney and sought-after speaker, active real estate investor, national educator, and mentor. Mary actively practiced law for over 28 years and has taught real estate investors how to accelerate and preserve wealth through estate planning and asset protection planning. At our Convention she will teach with special emphasis on how to CREATE future wealth for love ones and the next generation.

If you are considering giving or planning to pass on your properties to your kids at some point, to create future success, I would highly encourage you to attend Mary’s sessions at this year’s Convention. The truth is, whatever wealth you’ve accumulated will be passed on (however, if not done correctly, it may not be as much as you hope and not all to who you hope). Learn from Mary, various effective ways it can be done. She clearly and freely shares numerous specific methods of transferring or passing wealth to others, including your kids, life partners, or others. At our recent landlord retreat, she received the highest rating on any speaker we have ever had on the topic of estate planning.

Mary particularly enjoys empowering others with the knowledge to create their own financial freedom and leave a lasting legacy – which she considers to be the ultimate love letter! Although Mary loved the practice of law, she knew she could empower more people through education and coaching, so she closed her law office in 2019 to focus on helping a larger number of people enrich their lives through financial literacy and personal development. Her greatest desire is to use her knowledge as an attorney, investor and educator to serve others on their path to a well-designed life and a lasting personal legacy.


Charles Blair, The Mad Scientist; is a published author, Real Estate investor with over 30+ Years of Experience as a successful full-time real estate investor, Founder Of Chucky Buys Lucky Houses, A Real Estate Company operating out of markets, Maryland Washington DC, Virginia, Houston, Ohio, and Florida. At one point in time, Charles Blair in his partner was the largest minority owner of apartment buildings in downtown Baltimore.  Along with his wife Tammie Blair, they’re the CO Owners of the 2nd Largest Real Estate Meetup in the nation, with over 11,000 members nationwide.

Since beginning his investment career in 1989 The Mad Scientist has done thousands of real estate deals from wholesaling, rehabbing, buying n holding, and owner financing, he’s a true transaction engineer.  The Mad Scientist is the embodiment of a real estate DURU, a phrase he coined over ten years ago, because he teaches what he is currently DOING with his real estate investing. He’s more than qualified to teach others to do real estate investing, or as he likes to say, be a Transaction Engineer.

At this year’s Convention, we are excited that Charles will be revealing innovative and practical ways of how to create future success by  utilizing and applying Artificial Intelligence as a real estate investor.

What Charles Blair “The Mad Scientist” will cover:

  • Why AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will Change The Future Way You Run Your Real Estate Business
  • 10 AI Tools Every Real Estate Investor and Rental Property Owner Should Be Using
  • How To Use AI To Cut 20 Hours Out Of Your WorkWeek
  • How To Leverage AI To Generate More Leads
  • Do This To 10x Your Future Deal Flow.


Brad 20,000-has a passion for helping landlords. 39 years experience, 20,000++ rent checks, 300+ court evictions, 2,000+ court appearances, President Bartholomew County Landlord Assoc. For this upcoming Convention, Brad will teach you how to CREATE your own FREEDOM by adapting some simple  approaches and systems. Successful landlords need two things to CREATE FREEDOM!!!: TIME and MONEY. Brad will show you real life examples of the actual systems and checklists he uses to CREATE free TIME by reducing the TIME required to run his very profitable business. These systems CREATE free time for the things important in our lives by caring for your business before problems demand your TIME.

MONEY needed for FREEDOM is created by profitability. Brad has several creative methods to increase the profit from each rental.

“Find what people want and let them pay you for it!”. A great lease is designed to CREATE income. Pandemic, inflation, and skyrocketing values have changed the “Renting Culture”.  Are you keeping up? Do you want to CREATE more MONEY with the property you already own? Do you want to CREATE more free TIME by reducing hassles? Brad will show you how he and his wife CREATE free TIME and more MONEY.


We all know that wealthy people work hard to legally reduce their taxes and protect their assets… and that’s a big part of how they get, stay and CREATE future wealth. At this year’s Convention, Lee will share what you can do now to utilize traditional and non-traditional tax strategies to create and grow your assets and your wealth. Lee has worked with rental property owners and investors nationwide to help them not only stay up-to-date with the changing tax laws, but share with them how to best use those laws to achieve maximize wealth when managing, buying and selling rental property. If you plan on buying or selling rental property in the near future, you want to make sure you attend Lee’s Convention session guaranteed to be informative and worth hundreds if not millions of dollars to your future bottom line.

Create a bigger return on your investments by using tax law. One investor took a 10.6% return on a real estate investment and turned it into a 31.2% return – Lee wants to show you how to “create” the best numbers possible to give to your tax preparer. It’s almost certain that you aren’t using your real estate losses to help cut your “non-passive” income tax burden.  At the Mr. Landlord convention we’re also going to Create Future Success and Wealth by giving you two ways to get even your W2 income tax burden cut by owning real estate. Even seasoned real estate investors are shocked by the money they have missed.  Don’t give the IRS another dime that’s rightfully yours.  Instead, receive: 

  • More money, by slashing your tax bill 30%
  • Less stress plus a reduced risk of IRS audit
  • A system to make real estate tax reporting fast and reduce the pain
  • Protection of your real estate from lawsuits, financial downturns, and bad investments
  • Ways to get more immediate tax deductions and accelerate your real estatte tax benefits
  • A way to defer or even eliminate taxes on the sale of investment real estate
  • Overall higher returns on real estate investing


Alisha Merriman is a dynamic real estate entrepreneur, speaker, and designer with a passion for helping rental property owners create and convert traditional rentals into furnished short-term, mid-term and corporate rentals to increase income and achieve freedom. Alisha has built an impressive portfolio of profitable rental properties through her innovative approach to real estate investing.

As a national consultant and instructor, Alisha shares her expertise by helping overwhelmed landlords manage their furnished rental portfolio with ease. She creates streamlined systems and leverages the power of artificial intelligence as concentrated labor to optimize profits and automate management. Alisha’s blueprint to success has helped landlords nationwide achieve greater financial achievement. Her model focuses on key areas such as analyzing acquisitions, designing on a budget, optimizing listings, avoiding vacancies and automating management procedures to create a sustainable and profitable rental legacy.

She offers a master class that empower clients to maximize their profits and create a sustainable business model. If you are a traditional rental property owner looking to take your business to a new level, you will want to hear Alisha at our Convention. Are you ready to take your rental income to the next level? She will show you step by step how you can quadruple your standard rental earnings by automating furnished rentals. Don’t be discouraged into thinking it’s like running a hotel. By implementing streamlined systems and the latest technology, you can increase your rental income and automate management tasks, all while achieving a more profitable and sustainable business model. This topic is ideal for landlords who are hesitant to try furnished rentals but want to achieve greater financial success without having to acquire more properties. Learn tips from Alisha that will show you how to optimize profits, avoid vacancies, and create a rental legacy that aligns with your life goals! Let her help you turn your purpose into profit and create future success! 


George ‍is a three-time best-selling author, and also a contributor to the development of the world’s first and most popular personal finance software, Quicken by Intuit Corp. He is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of financing and real estate investing, and is a popular speaker at financial and real estate events nationwide.‍

Most investors fall into the trap of thinking that a “magic” asset will be the solution to them reaching their financial goals. However, the reality is far from it. Many investors spend decades jumping from one asset to another thinking the next asset or strategy they learn will help them reach their goals. This is NOT creating your future… hustle is not the answer!  This approach is called “asset-first” approach where the belief is that an asset will help them reach financial freedom. That’s why we’re inviting you to discover the hidden world of finance, where you can achieve your financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty. 

To CREATE your future success, you must become aware of the hidden world of finance, which fundamentally uses different rules, thought process and paradigm altogether. The approach uses the “finance-first” approach.  At the convention, you will discover this hidden world of finance through an interactive numbers-based experience that you have never seen before. This isn’t just theory; it’s an experience that will help you “see” the world of finance in a whole new light – it will become visible to you through the interactive exercise. By attending the Convention, You will walk away with a whole new skill that you can start using immediately and you’ll be able to apply it to any asset you choose, including rental properties.  


James is one of America’s top authorities on Biblical Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, Vision/Goals and Time Management. Powerfully and positively impacting audiences from around the world, he inspires and challenges entrepreneurs from all over using biblical principals to “raise the bar” Entrepreneurially.

James will uplift and motivate you in a special early morning bonus workshop. He will encourage and challenge you to fully maximize your God-given gifts, talents, assets and abilities. Landlording is often challenging, frustrating and can cause you to become cynical and burned out.

James strongly believes as you maximize your gifts, you will be able to CREATE true future success, that not only encompasses greater business success, but also joy and peace that will sustain you as you serve others. He is convinced that we can all achieve our highest potential. He is the President/CEO of JLS International Ministries, Believers In Business Training Academy and Vet Supply Company. He is also the author of “God, You Said….Reminding God Of His Word While On Your Entrepreneurial Journey”.

James speaks from experience. From the trenches, he generated $1.1 million dollars in sales the very first year he was in business using biblical principles. His strength is his ability to deeply connect with audiences by sharing compelling, real-world stories that everyone can relate too. His dynamic and passionate delivery creates electricity that has ignited audiences throughout the world. Let his workshop reignite your passion for landlording, business and life!


Seamus is the CEO at TurboTenant and Krista is the Senior Content Marketing Writer at TurboTenant. In their presentation, they will cover a wide range of online strategies and tools that can be utilized by mom and pop rental property owners and managers to boost your rental business in the following areas:

  • Building Great Rental Listings
  • Finding the Perfect Tenant
  • Managing and Retaining Tenants

The ultimate goal of their presentation is to help landlords simplify their rental property management. They will be teaching and sharing about online tools to level the playing field for mom and pop landlords so they can stay competitive with large apartment communities and they in turn can provide a wonderful home and great leasing experience for their residents.


Vena Jones-Cox is a 30+ year veteran on the rental business, and has bought, managed, or wholesaled over 1,500 properties. She’s done that mostly through finding and negotiating off-market deals, and has become an expert in the best ways to do that, and the reality of what it takes to find cheap (or terms) off-market deals. 

If you are looking to buy more rental property, one of the most successful strategies is to CREATE your own steady flow of possible properties to buy. That’s what Vena is going to share with you—how you can stop depending on MLS and auctions to find new rentals to buy, and find them yourself.


Charles Dobens is a multifamily investor, attorney, and mentor to multifamily investors all around the country.
Charles trains investors in effective ways to acquire, operate and own multifamily property. His legal and consulting practice has one specialty – helping investors move toward their financial objective of owning and operating apartments.

Charles is uniquely qualified to walk investors confidently through the entire process: analyzing property, negotiating contracts, organizing funding as well as transitioning to ownership. He has used all types of methods to buy and control multifamily buildings: no money down, syndications, master lease options, Class A through Class D properties, rehabs and repositions, foreclosures, assumptions. You name it, He has done it. He knows what it takes to get landlords to create greater future success through multifamily investing.

The multifamily investing world has seen the onslaught of the passive investing model, but has anyone really looked at the numbers to determine if millions can actually be made that way? Charles Dobens and his team aims to help investors and landlords determine if you’re better off being a passive investor, or if you’re better off using the “Warren Buffett model” of multifamily investing to create a bigger legacy.

Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention.

Or click now to register online for the Convention.

4 Responses to “Convention Instructors”

  1. Mike Butler Says:

    Back in the early 90’s, I grabbed my very first issue of Jeffrey’s newsletter at my local reia meeting. WOW! Every issue was 3 hole punched and put in my MrLandlord binder and used for reference. Every meeting I targeted getting my hands on your latest newsletter. Thank you Jeffrey for building my landlording library. Now I have a whole shelf full of your newsletters! and your cruises are wonderful! – Mike Butler

  2. William Kent Taylor Says:

    What a lineup of speakers, I think this conference is getting better and better. I have been to about 5 of them and think this might the strongest group ever. I have been in this business since 1981 and know I will benefit from this conference. Can’t wait to start absorbing information on how to make my full time business better and better.
    Bill Taylor

  3. Brandon Rice Says:


  4. Caron Leon-woods Says:

    I’m overwhelmed by the number of speakers and caliber of speakers and more so of all the speakers there’s only 2 which I’ve never heard. I’ve been attending Mr. Landlord retreats and conventions for over 8 yrs and its been remarkable to see the variety speakers and relevancy to the economic times. Its more than I could ever expect or even imagine from any other conferences. Your events are one stop shop for all a landlord needs. The networking is just next to none other. I can appreciate how Mr. Landlord rewards his attendees who have shown great success in their business and have brought them in as speakers i.e. Steven Cavanaugh the technology guru and Al Williamson with Airbnb and now Chad Harris and Wendy and others. He’s also always making sure that we get our money’s worth in more ways than one. Seeing other top speakers such as Anthony Chara and others come as attendees and give of their time during the evening to host discussion tables speaks volumes as to the caliber of Mr. Landlord organization. Dot and Jeffery you definitely set the standard for all the landlords out here who are thirsty for knowledge and can come to your conventions etc and go back home with Tools that we can actually take back and revise and implement policy and procedures right away. Another very important thing you do is to give updates to those who purchased your programs in the past and that really makes a big difference. I wish that other instructors would come alongside you and do the same so as they update their programs or at least offer updates even for a fee. After saying all that when is the next live Bootcamp?

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