The Convention is NOT just another gathering of typical landlords…

“If you are on the fence about attending the Convention this June some reasons Pookie and I are glad we’ve gone to the convention every year since 2011:* We learned how professional landlords operate, screen, and stopped “just filling our places with any warm body”.* We met tons of wonderful like minded folks that talk like us.* Pookie retired from her 9-5 J.O.B. last fall on her 39th birthday.  She’s now a stay at home Mom.  Pebbles, Bam Bam, (AND Dad) LOVE IT!* Our family has never been happier since our cashflow is up and our stress level is WAY down (see first reason)!* The Convention gave us the tools to start our own landlord association, and Jeffery gave us FREE door prizes to jump start it, THANK YOU Jeffery!* Pooke’s 5 year plan developed and blossomed after only a year and a half.

* Pebbles and Bam Bam think it’s cool Dad attends “Millionaire School”.

* Staying in a beautiful hotel is always fun AND it’s a business deduction.

* Using ideas from folks that have been there, done that, keeps us focus on our goals.

* Did I mention we have made some great friends that think like us?

* I have been to court less and less every year after learning better screening procedures.

* Our portfolio has grown.

* Our PROFITS have grown.

* Did I mention Pookie is home now and our house is WAY MORE Happier!?!

* Being able to read on Friday mornings to Pebble’s and Bam Bam’s classes.

* Going topless in the Freedom Jeep!

* Attending Reds games on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

* What would you be able to do if profits were WAY up and stress levels down?!?

Landlord up!”                                                                        — Lee [IN]

P.S. Forgot a BIG one:  One of the convention sponsors helped us make an EXTRA $26,000 last year!!!  Got your attention yet?

“We were at the Mr. Landlord Convention 2018! IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Been a landlord for 30 years and still many things to learn and great speakers.
I have got to meet a lot of great people and the information I’ve learned will pay dividends many times what I’ve spent coming here. Think of it like this. What is your cheapest rental? What you spend coming and buying a program is probably only 1-3 months rent from your lowest price unit. The programs offered here if you buy them and INTEGRATE them will pay you from now on. What a bargain! I shouldn’t have waited so long to come to convention. Thanks Jeffery and Dot for hosting this and having such great speakers and deals.” Greg (MO)
“My purpose in attending the conventions is to “get my batteries recharged”, be around like minded people, and have my business model questioned by new ideas from presenters, round tables, and fellow participants.,,,
I also enjoy catching up with people I met at previous conventions and seeing how they are doing with their business and their families. Thanks and see you next Memorial weekend!” MMIT, (VA)
“You will get more info then you can implement but I think the purpose is to get you thinking that 1) you can succeed, 2) you can improve the way you are doing things, and 3) maybe what you thought you should do isn’t the best way. Oh also motivate you to reach your goals (and have goals) even if you are scared, tentative, unsure, confused, etc…
The biggest benefit I see is the ability to see lots of different ways to succeed – SFH, multiplexes, storage buildings, flips, rent to own, hard money lending, etc. Then you try and figure out what works for your local area and your skill set. Maybe you only see one way of doing things and then you meet a few people and hear a few lectures and you can go off in a better direction… it makes you think and motivates you to be independent. You are taking charge of your life and no matter what your day job throws at you or the stock market does, you have control of your nest egg business which will make you independent (someday).” David. (NC)
“If I had to start over again as a landlord… I think I would avoid most landlords. This would include meetings where landlords gather. Some of the worst advice came from landlords. What you have here on this site (and those who attend the unique MrLandlord Convention) is a class group of people, whereas the folks I encountered over the years had stereotypical outdated ideas, views, and outlooks..”. — Smokowna (MD)
“There are 300 instructors at the convention and NONE of them take the stage. I would still make the journey if Jeffrey removed all the (featured) speakers.” — George (NY) – Editor’s note – This person really gets the true essence of our Conventions and what helps to make our Landlord Conventions unique from any other real estate conference.

When I came to the Convention, I hadn’t bought any new rental properties for many years. And after hearing Jeffrey speak at his Mr Landlord convention, I came away so inspired and motivated that I’m ‘doubling down’ and now buying a triplex. The deal closes at the end of THIS month. Thank you Jeffrey for your passion and energy for landlording. It is truly infectious!”

–Drew [CA]

“It’s been a bit over a week since the convention ended. What made the biggest difference for you?  I walked away with a long list of action items to help me improve my rental business, plenty of notes and a couple courses to study. The thing that made the biggest impact on us, however, was the people we met. My wife and I enjoyed the warm welcome and immediate camaraderie of our fellow landlords. My wife hasn’t had much involvement with our rentals and thought she’d feel left out. That was not the case at all and after attending the convention she’s interested and involved (Thanks)!”

— bssterl [NH]

“Wow, what great information at the Mr. Landlord Convention in Nashville! Awesome speakers and information plus FREE gifts!”

— JustinTN [TN]

“This is my day job…. Learning how to maximize cash flow from other successful multi-millionaires.  This convention, as well as the cruise, has not only built new friendships but has increased my cash flow tremendously.”

— FLBoy [FL]

“Loved the convention! We were implementing new ideas before we even left Nashville and can’t type fast enough as I update multiple forms with the new ideas generated from this event. I am Stepping Up!  From weekly payment options to death adendums, whether new ideas or just seeing how someone implemented an existing idea, I am a better landlord and property manager after this trip.  Thank you, Mr. Taylor and your wonderful family and staff for all the hard work.”

— SRNdive [MO]

“Thank you all for such a mind expanding experience. The conference itself, and the attendees who honored me by sharing their knowledge and answering my many questions, were amazing. I had tunnel vision prior to the conference and was on a path to purchase property via the MLS listings and then rent it out to a tenant. My eyes were opened to so many other preferable options for purchasing and handling real estate. Plus, I made so many new friends! My hubby’s eyes glaze over when I talk real estate but now I have many people who enjoy talking about real estate as much as I do. Thank you to everyone at the conference!”

— Tracy [IN]

“Awesome convention!! First class! Great hotel. The VIP meal plan is VIP. My first Mr. Landlord convention and definitely not the last. Met Jeffrey at the Long Beach AOA convention and have been thinking of coming to the convention which coincided with my shopping center convention in Las Vegas (this week). I really appreciate everyone being in one large room, not having to make a decision between this speaker or that one simultaneously. All of the speakers are VERY knowledgeable and great presentation skills. Some funnier than others. (Steven). Also, the speakers were very friendly and approachable. I had been chatting with several of them and did not know who they were. Lots of ideas to implement when I get home.    California is well represented in Nashville. One couple drove 30 hours. Wow!!!”

— Nell [CA]

“This is my first convention, and there is so much information that my head is swimming. Every speaker has provided seemingly boundless helpful information in an interesting manner. My only question is, “How can I pull out a few practical steps that I can take and put into practice immediately rather than be so overwhelmed by it all that my mind stays numbed by overload?”   The setting for this convention is lovely. Fellow participants, as well as speakers, have been warm, open, and approachable. I have especially enjoyed and appreciated the people that Jeffrey has pulled from the ranks of participants to share some of the secrets to their success and am grateful to Jeffrey for giving them that opportunity to step up and benefit all of us.”

Virginia [CA]

“Woo-hoo! Wasn’t that FAN-TAS-TIC!?!

I loved meeting the Q&A posters whose advice I cherish. I loved getting ideas from folks in the hall. I loved Jeffrey’s fresh ideas to increase my resident retention. I loved Lou Brown’s system for selling houses to people who can’t get a loan – bought the course!! & already started my first deal this morning. I loved Roy’s talk. He is the real deal & gave us some truly golden nuggets. Love that Alabama drawl!”

–Brad 20,000 [IN]

“The convention this year was great. All the speakers addressed topics pertinent to today’s real estate environment. Heard lots of suggestion and hope to implement some new procedures to improve cash flow. The attendance appeared very high. Not sure if that’s because St Louis allows so many to drive here or if more and more investors are understanding that NOW is the time to be buying and making money in real estate. Hope St Louis is a repeat for the 2012 convention.

Met with lots of old friends from various parts of the country. It’s so nice to be able to place a face with a handle on the Q&A for those who do post here. My favorite aspect of the convention is the people interaction. Interactions include round tables to allow everyone to discuss what’s on their mind, dinners with others, golfing, or just sitting in the bar. You just can’t get the face time on the computer or phone or even video.

Convention was great – thanks Jeffery and Dot for hosting a wonderful 3+ day event.”

–Mike [MO]

“Just made it home… our first MR LL convention. WAY too much information to process!!! We made pages and pages of notes on how to improve. Already put some of the ideas into action!! Was great to see old friends again: Katherine, Blue, Freddie, Mike(MO), David, and I’m sure a few others.

Super great to meet “old friends” from the newsgroup for the first time: Jeffrey and Dot, Toya, Ernie, Brad, Laura, Virden, Roy, Barbara, Bryan, Brett, and many, many others. Actually found a new friend, 800 miles from home, that lives 30 minutes away! Well worth the money and trouble. We will be doing it again. Thanks for pulling it all together Jeffrey!”

–Gevans [SC]

“Agree, it was an awesome convention. Speakers were packed with lots of info. Enjoyed meeting other landlords from around the U.S. Passing out business cards and making contacts. Thanks again Jeffery and Dot a first class convention.”

–Dave [MO]

“This was our second convention (we went to JAX last year) and it’s the highlight of our year, honestly. To meet people who don’t look at you as if you are crazy when you talk tenants and carpets vs. laminate and lead paint and HVAC and finding time for YOU and … well the list goes on. The depth of knowledge is amazing…

Jeffrey was a highlight every time he spoke. Brad was great as well, very fun talk…I have a notebook full of notes and a long list of things to implement. Last year, just two suggestions from the convention saved me thousands.”

–Wendy [NC]

“I did have the pleasure of making my very first convention in St Louis and it was FANTASTIC! It was a great learning experience and will sign up again if the good Lord’s willing! Hats off to you and your beautiful wife Dot and your staff for all of your hard work and efforts into the convention. Great Job!”

–AG [MO]

 “We went to the conference last year and have already signed up for this year. If you want to learn about landlording and investing it will be very beneficial for you. Plan on some intense learning sessions where you can take notes, get handouts, and then go home and go over it all again. You will gain lots of knowledge, meet some very good people, and have the chance to learn from some of the best…”

–David [FL]

“Jeffrey, your Mr. Landlord convention this past weekend was sincerely one of the best events I’ve ever attended.

There was such a high degree of content, great presenters, and a fantastic and experienced group of investors to network with. I’m very inspired. Your property management ideas are incredibly creative. I got a lot out of it and I’m very excited about the ideas from the conference that I’m in the process of implementing.

Again congrats on your success as well as the success of your son and family. Truly something to aspire to. I again thank you, Dot, and Justin for all your hard work and pure quality. All investors need to hear what you have to say.”

–Kevin Tosten[MD]
“I just wanted to thank you again for putting togethor such a wonderful event. I found it quite refreshing to be able to network and exchange ideas with such seasoned investors, virtuallly everyone in the room had something to offer!!!. You are definitely someone I could receive from, and I want to thank you and your wife for being so approachable coupled with your eagerness and willingness to share your gifts with others…What an inspiration!!! I wish you all the best and more…”

“Hi Jeffrey!

Thanks so much for such an informative convention! Glenn and I loved it and came back with more than plenty information to make AT LEAST $10k.”


“Jeffrey was wonderful. This was the 2nd time that I had heard him speak. His presentation was energetic, informative, and motivational.

It was also nice to meet several of the Q&A contributors. All in all, it was a very positive experience for me. I hope to participate next year.”

“I want to thank Jeffery and all his fellow speakers for a outstanding time. The last three days was the best time I have had “going to work”. Dont blow your chance to see Jeffery speak if he comes in your area. So much information was thrown into three days. Jeffery had speakers that answered any question thrown at them and wanted more!!!! Speakers that love their jobs and willing to share there knowledge and not hold back! A+”
–Randy [IL]
“What a great investment of money and time! I’ve never been so overloaded with awesome information and ideas about real estate, landlording, taxes and estate planning. This was also a great place for networking! Without this convention I wouldn’t have ever met as many fellow landlords. I feel I’ve developed a great network of people that will be able to help me with ideas and future real estate deals! I’m looking forward to the next annual convention.”
–Brad [IA]
“Tired. Inspired. Amused. Overwhelmed. What a roller-coaster weekend. Great speakers, great attendees, and a fabulous host. I can’t wait.. as my wife and I begin our real-estate fueled trip to financial independence. Thanks, Jeffrey.”
–Steve [TX]
“The landlord convention was awesome! It was one of the best seminars I’ve ever been to. The round table discussions were unbelievable… Thanks.”
–Shaun Brown
“Like I told Jeffrey, I’m the most skeptical person you have ever met, I really enjoyed the convention and I learned a few things. I have my accountant working on one idea right now. Could save me thousands.”
-Rusty [MD]
“The Convention was terrific. Lots of great information and getting all the tax codes that are available to landlords from the accountant was extremely valuable. It’s hard to put a price tag on the amount of helpful information that was available. Unbelievable. I look forward to the next conference…If you missed it, you missed a TREAT, make sure you sign up early for the next one.”
–Tingram [IL]
“I had just finished college and couldn’t find a decent job. I went along with my dad, primarily because I had nothing better to do. I was completely blown away by the speakers. Even better than the speakers, were the vast amounts of experienced investors. It seemed as if each person I met had another brilliant, feasible way of making money. In a year’s time, I have amassed 13 units and what is now a modest, passive income. I know this sounds hoaky, but honest to God, the convention changed my life.”
–Jeff [IA]
“WOW!!! What a great time I had! My head is spinning with all the information and ideas. ..Asset Protection… Tax Saving Tips.. Success Planning. So much to think about. Thank you. Thank you Jeffrey!! I am so glad I invested a little time and money and came away with so much information and a renewed enthusiasm for the future. Thanks Jeffrey….I needed that!”
–Ginny [OH]
“The information that I learned at the recent convention is going to help me make more money in my real estate investment business. Hats off to Jeffrey for putting together another great event. To those of you who did not attend, I hope that you can make plans to attend an upcoming event. Continual learning is so important in this business. It is also a lot of fun to get together with people who share the same interest in real estate investing.”
–A.R. [ID]

Call 1-800-950-2250 to register for the Convention.

You can also go the following page and click here to register online now for the Convention.

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