IRA Innovations is a provider of self-directed retirement account administration and education. They are experts when it comes to “alternative” investments including real estate, notes, precious metals and private placements and more within an IRA, HSA, ESA or 401(k)s. Plus they also deliver FREE local presentations and FREE workshops to help individuals better understand their investment opportunities and the requirements of self-directed accounts and transactions.


The MrLandlord.com Enhanced Credit Check/Eviction Combination Report now includes ALL of the following:

  • Actual and Complete Tenant Credit Report
  • FICO Score
  • Social Security Verified on Credit data
  • Two National Eviction Reports
  • Sex Offender search
  • Terrorist search
  • Most Wanted Criminal search

You receive all of this for only $14.95—Plus, your first two credit reports are FREE! Landlords that use this valuable service online can receive a report sent straight to their computer in less than 30 seconds.





Legal Shield

Base Rent


Ernie Riddle is the founder of LandlordLocks.com which provides a master lock system which allows landlords to change locks in just 3 seconds. They supply master keyed locks to real estate investors, property managers and apartment communities nationwide. Are you still carrying a big ring of keys? Are you still wasting valuable time using hand tools to change locks between tenants? Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to find keys for maintenance or showing property? Do you spend big money on replacement locks and keys? If you answered yes, LandlordLocks.com, Inc. will provide you with custom master keyed locks at wholesale process. Ernie and his staff members will be available to answer any questions regarding the locks during the Convention. You can even see a demonstration. Ernie will also be sharing on locks, liability and security issues during the Convention.


LandlordMoneyStore.com is a Direct Private Money Lender for real estate investments. There’s no middleman; they are a direct source of private capital. Their management team has over 30 years of investment industry experience and have successfully funded over 200 million dollars in private money loans for real estate investors.


If you would like to obtain property insurance, compare quotes or just discuss different insurance options and coverages available for your rental property at the best possible price, MrLandlordInsurance.com is the service you’re looking for. Compare rates to what you are now paying or get a quote on a new acquisition. Also receive assistance if your currently policy is being canceled or not renewed. This nationwide service can help whether you have single family, multi-units, apartments, commercial, vacant property or a rehab or renovation project. They’ll even help with renters insurance for your residents. Contact them for every property-related insurance need or question you may have.


This company offers the last Odor Remover you’ll ever need! Their Corporate Mission is to provide safe, natural and highly effective odor elimination products; paired with years of experience, extensive research and a commitment to service excellence. They educating their customers in the science of odors and provide them with the necessary tools for success, The odors they guarantee to eliminate from rental property include odors from pet and animals, urine and feces, and various household odors. Their Odorxit products have been some of the most appreciated products advertised on MrLandlord.com for over 10 years.


Affordable Legal Services. Visit the website above for more information.


Property Management Software. Visit their website for more information.







Try the easy, worry-free, #1 rent collection method. Have your resident’s rent automatically withdrawn from their account and deposited directly into your checking account. As a MrLandlord.com visitor, you can try the direct rent deposit service for FREE for 3 months!

Receive timely payments whether you’re in town or on vacation. Plus provide your residents with an ultra-convenient payment method. To try the service for free for 3 months, with just one or an unlimited number of residents, call to 1-866-882-5327, or Click here. And be sure to say you read about the service through MrLandlord.com.

Click here to read recent reviews about this service.


If you need any state-specific forms, comprehensive leases, applications, inventory/condition reports, required disclosures and eviction notices, all these forms and many more state-specific forms are available which can be downloaded immediately and printed. You can click here to select your state and preview any form of your choice.


Announcing the new and improved debt reporting service designed to recover more of your money! Our exclusive collection agency will work diligently to recover debts on your behalf if you haven’t been paid within the 120 days! Don’t wait, make your tenants accountable today!


Need or want a professional property manager? Professional property management can help to make owning (and profiting from!) rental properties much more of a hassle-free experience. Use this free search tool to find management companies in your area for the type of rental property you own and request information about their services.


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