Presenting This Year’s Convention!


20th Annual


National Convention in Nashville, TN.


June 10, 11, & 12 2021

Personal note from Jeffrey (


If you missed this year’s National Landlord Convention, you missed a LOT! Good news, for the first time ever we recorded and are making available audio of the entire event. I would encourage you to learn from the wealth of ideas which were shared and get your copy of the Convention Audio Training. that you can listen to again and again at your own pace and convvenience. You can click now to get information about the audio available and order your copy.

The ideas and the connections at our Conventions over the years have literally changed the rental businesses of thousands of landlords. As always, we will have some awesome national landlording instructors (including David Tilney, Mike  Butler and Jeffrey Taylor aka Mr. Landlord).  In addition, the exchange of ideas and input from other landlord attendees on how they are managing in the new normal, can make a HUGE difference in all of our businesses moving forward. For both small and large rental property owners, there is no other interactive National Landlord Convention which compares, where the participants mastermind together to help each other succeed. In MANY ways 2020 has changed the game of landlording. Come learn what is now working for other successful landlords. I invite you to take part this year with like minded landlords who are determined to succeed in the midst of challenges! Join us in Nashville where iron will sharpen iron!

I’m excited to announce that this year’s Convention took one more “determined to succeed” step in bringing together speakers who are ready to help landlords succeed AND who are fighting for the rights of rental owners to overcome the overwhelming challenges many are facing.

One of our opening day keynote speakers will be attorney Josh Kahane. Josh is one of the rare attorneys who have gone up against the CDC and the US Government and won!  Josh Kahane served as lead counsel and brought the first case of its kind filed anywhere in the United States on behalf of landlords owning and managing single family rentals to apartment complexes. The case argued and got a judge to rule that the government action with the CDC eviction moratorium exceeded its authority, was arbitrary and infringed upon constitutionally protected liberties. Josh gladly accepted my invitation to our Convention to share with landlords what he has been able to do on behalf of landlords.  If you want to learn what can be done to fight for your property rights, join me in Nashville and hear directly from the attorney who is fighting for the rights of rental property owners. The host hotel for our Convention will be the Sheraton Music City. You can also click to read more about all the national instructors who will be speaking. You can register for the Convention by calling 1-800-950-2250 or you can register online

In celebration of doing twenty years of national Conventions, this year, we will also be featuring an extra teaching component that we did when our Conventions started twenty years ago.  Along with having the national speakers presenting ideas,  we will also have several “real deal” day-to-day successful landlords from across the country who are willing to share and teach about specific management areas that they have had proven personal success. 

Managing rental property in many ways is no longer business as usual. Therefore, we want to be able to showcase different perspectives of what successful landlords nationwide are doing in the new normal to survive and succeed in various aspects of running their rental business. And these presentations will not simply share experiences, but each of the featured landlords have agreed to actually explain or teach in detail about a specific aspect of how they run their business and exactly what they do and how they do it (step by step), fully breaking down their process or procedures so that others will be able to learn from their experience.  This is just another way, our Convention will be all about successful landlords helping each other succeed, iron sharpening iron.

As states begin loosening Covid mandates, many Convention attendees still have Covid-19 concerns, so let me lay all the cards on the table. If you come, you will be required to wear a mask in the meeting room. We will also be allowing for social distancing in our meetings and in in our popular evening brainstorming exchanges which will take a new format. Other than that, the hotel as of this writing does not require that you show proof of a negative test or vaccination. If you are determined to succeed and will not let a mask deter you, then I invite you to join myself and an exclusive number of landlords from across the country. 

At this stage of my life I only take of my time to help landlords who are truly looking and determined to help themselves and who like Greg, landlords who believe our event is well worth the effort and are willing to invest in themselves and their rental business.  The stakes surrounding our rentals during these times are way too high. Let’s join forces, brainstorm together and help each other succeed. The theme for this year’s Convention will be “DETERMINED TO SUCCEED!”

Landlords who contribute daily on our website were asked which landlording and management topics they would like covered during 3 days of non-stop training and exchanging of ideas. The most requested topics from rental property owners that we will aim to cover and discuss during the Convention include:

  • What factors are now most important when screening rental applicants
  • Utilizing more tools and strategies for marketing to find qualified residents
  • Dealing with both applicants and residents virtually
  • Automating and streamlining your systems (screening, leasing, repairs, turnovers)
  • Managing and investing while mitigating risk of government overreach
  • Turning so-so applicants into great residents
  • Best practices for raising rent and other methods for increasing net income.
  • Effective methods for collecting money owed from current and former residents
  • Utilizing rent assistance programs to your benefit
  • Options for what to do when you have non-paying residents
  • Tax and asset protection ramifications under the new administration
  • Real life examples of finding and structuring great deals from landlords who are giving up!

Learning and brainstormimg these topics will provide extreme value to all participants. I’m sure there are a few of you ready to suggest that we consider doing a virtual Convention so more people could attend. However, many who have been to a previous MrLandlord event, know that the huge value is NOT about simply having presentations. You already can see landlord or real estate presentations online all day long. You don’t need a live event for that. What makes the MrLandlord Convention unique and different than any other is because it is interactive where participants exchange ideas to lift each other to a higher level. The huge value of the MrLandlord events is discovered and played out in this live interaction of the participants, and my ability to bring out some of the best ideas from landlords nationwide. This live interaction can not be replicated if participants are not “in the room” and merely viewing live stream or zoom. Therefore a virtual Convention will not be an option

The Early Bird price of the Convention is $299 for primary attendees (save $100) and $199 for guests. When you call, please let us know if you are a current paid subscriber, Gold or Platinum Member or if you have come to one of our recent conventions. If so, you qualify for an additional 10% or 20% discount off our primary rate. To register, call our office now, because I’m looking to hear from you right away. You can also reserve your seat online, click now. Call now 1-800-950-2250. Because of social distance guidelines, we will soon start turning away reservations once we hit the maximum number of people the conference room will permit.

I look forward to hearing from you today and joinig us in the room in June!


Helping landlords who are determined to help themselves!


P.S. For those of you joining us, please feel free to write me and let me know if there is one other topic beyond the ones listed above that you think we should address during the Convention. Also feel free to write me if you would be willing to teach on an aspect of any one specific topic and provide step by step instruction on what you are doing that has added to your success.

2 Responses to “Presenting This Year’s Convention!”

  1. Glenn Loucks Says:

    Excited about the 2021 convention. I have registered and want to make my travel arrangements. Is there a link to the event schedules or the times or the first and last events? Not sure if all three days are full days or if one is a travel day.

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Glenn, our Conventions are non-stop training and exchanging of ideas for 3 FULL days. On Thursday and Friday we go from 8 am in the morning until 10 pm in the evening with a dinner break between 6 pm and 8 pm. On Saturday, again we start at 8 am and finally ease off the gas at 5 pm:)

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